Jamaica is the home of reggae and dancehall entertainment and we’re here for it!


Let our talented photographers capture the essence of your event, whether through event pictures or photoshoots.

Videographer, videography


Memorialize your event with video coverage from start to end and replay the event whenever you want!

disc jockey, dj

Disc Jockey (DJ)

Want great music and vibes? Look no further, we provide some of the best DJs in Jamaica to ensure your event is a hit!

Party promotion, event promotion

Party/Event Promo

You created the event, we spread the word. Let us do the heavy lifting of promoting your party or event to the masses so that your event maximizing patron turnout.

brand ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Let us rep your brand, your way with our professional ambassadors! Let us help spread the word of your party and event!

event decor

Event Decor

Need help with event decor and lighting? Look no further, we also help with providing exquisite event decor, lighting and any other event related service that you need!

Let’s build something beautiful together